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Widening Horizon - 69

Widening Horizon - 69

Dear Viridio Subscriber,

This was the wisdom of ancient China! This was how Gender Equality was thought about! Unfortunately, human values are on shifting sand, losing rationalism and sensitivity!

Femicide, the dangerous phenomenon is alarmingly on rise! Killing women and girls just because they are females, is gaining notoriety! 

From being in combat or becoming an Astronaut, to roles like motherhood and that of a nurturer or homemaker, women are eminently present everywhere! They are the half of the population on earth, holding half the sky! Women are truly remarkable!

While centuries old mediaeval teachings about women are dead and irrelevant, fundamentalism is raising it's ugly head again! Let us throw those redundant teachings to their most deserving place - dustbin of history!

Our 'Widening Horizon - 69' will also take you through the passage of history of Sikh resistance to Mughal bigotry and brutality!

And there are other fascinating tales to tell!

Please spare your valuable time, go through 'Widening Horizon - 69', our Quarterly News Letter, and send us your valuable comments!

We wish you safety, good health and wonderful festivities ahead!

Thank you 

Editorial Team, GLPL, Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.